Why Gazelle

Choice of car is nothing simple in these days. Most of cars are similar and does not bring anything new or interesting. Our vehicles are different and we show you 12 reasons why you should buy this car.



On our vehicles is unique that they all are based in history and are modernized only in necessary ways, that's why cars keep durability and reliability. We talking about traditionall cars which does not threaten extinction, stop of production or absence of spare parts.



Be different, have Gazelle vehicle is unique! In mounty of other cars you can be unmissable and drive unique machine.


Long-term matter

Having this car is long-term matter because our vehicles are constructed for long lifespan and high durability. Many of customers will keep the car for long years and creates relationship with it, that's why market with used young russian cars doesn't exist.


Development and modifications

East-Europe vehicles are amazing becaouse they are personificated and modified easily, excatly for It's owner. There are various superstructures, colors or other improvements. You can modify your car and impress surroundings.



Our vehicles are homologated according to valid European regulations, however they are very unique and avoid of standard. Buying of this car you will recieve freedom and possibillity of choice in modification and using.


Environmental friendliness

Buying new car which fulfill latest European emission standards which is achieved with minimal costruction chnages you support air protection. New east-Eaurope cars are technicaly simple machines and they don't pollute surroundigs with dangerous solid particles or miniature hard parts which produce old but also modern cars.



Cars Gazelle are communite and take together other owners of this brand. Thanks to our cars you can get new friends and start an expedition trip or enjoy good time in society of peoply with similar minded people.


Success in the field

Thanks to their solid foundations, all road and off-road vehicles are a long-term leader in their class, because they always offer something extra. You will use the above-standard terrain capabilities of the terrain versions in demanding conditions, where you will also appreciate their simple construction.



Authoritative east cars will show you that car is not only transporter from point A to point B. Our products will open you new journeys and use possibilities.


Free time

If you love adventure, comfort and you are active in your free time but need to stop sometime, this vehicle is the best choice for you because fulfills all these requirements.



East vehicles are famous becaouse of minimal percent of stealing and on market with used vehicles are easily and conveniently sold. Buying price is compared to utility values low that's why are our vehicles (especially limited edition) suitable like a investment.



You do not need to find nearest service companies. All you have to do is report disorder and we will take care of everything. Do not worry about service, it is simple let it on us!


Do you like our products? Nice! Do not wait and contact us to purchase.